The 5 Most Common Wedding Rental Mistakes

Ah, weddings. They can be the best of times, but without the right planning and preparation, they can also be the worst of times! Take a look at the five most common wedding rental mistakes, and how to avoid making them.


Mistake 1: Not placing your wedding rental order far enough in advance

The first steps to planning your dream wedding starts with choosing the perfect location, venue and date. Once these fundamentals are ticked off your list, it’s crucial to reserve your wedding rental items as soon as possible. Unfortunately, waiting until the last couple of months or weeks before the big day can leave you faced with limited or no rental inventory left in stock. We work on a first come, first served basis, and can sell out quickly during the busy season, so we recommend booking wedding rentals early on in the planning process.


Mistake 2: Not ordering enough items

Make sure you reserve your wedding rentals on the higher end of your final head count. We realize RSVPs will fluctuate, but it’s infinitely easier to take items off your order than to add more on, especially at the last minute. No one wants to leave their guests without a seat or dinner setting at the table-that’s not going to make for very happy reception photos!


Mistake 3: Not having a plan of action

If you’re not hiring a wedding coordinator, make sure you have all of your ducks in a row when reserving your wedding rentals. It’s always better to be prepared. Before getting started, ask yourself these questions:


Do we need to deliver or pick up items? Most of our larger rentals are delivery only, however, if you decide to have a smaller wedding, you can pick up your rentals from our warehouse.


What time can we deliver or pick up? Check with your venue when you book to go over the logistics of your wedding rentals.


Have you visited your venue to design and walk out the layout you want? If it’s a complicated venue and you have larger items on your order such as a tent, dancefloor and lighting, this may require an on-site inspection from our staff.


Mistake 4: Not having a plan B

It’s always a smart idea to have an alternate plan in case your original plan doesn’t work out. The weather in this region can change drastically and suddenly, so keep that in mind if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. You may need to add wedding rentals such as heaters and tents to your order, to ensure you and your guests are comfortable and have the best time possible. Make sure to stay as organized as you can during the planning phase. It makes all of our lives easier!


Mistake 5: Being a bridezilla, groomzilla, or any kind of ‘zilla!’

Wedding rental golden rule: treat your vendors with respect. We have a trusted team of event specialists and crew members with many years of experience. We are here to work with you to help you plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. It’s our job to ensure you have all the wedding rentals you need for your big day- in return, we really appreciate your respect and patience.
Check out our great range of wedding rental items, and give us a call at 775-355-9004 to discuss your needs. Helping you achieve your dream wedding is our passion!


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