Why We Love These Wedding Rental Trends (And You Should Too!)

Summer, with its long warm days and balmy, light evenings is truly the perfect wedding season. And Lake Tahoe, with its azure, crystal clear waters, stunning beaches and backdrop of imposing mountains and forests is the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

Therefore, summer at Tahoe is the best time and place to see this year’s wedding trends come to life!  Here are some of our absolute favorite rental pieces that will add glamor, charm and that special something to any lakefront wedding.


1.   Rose Gold Flatware

Gold is a perennial classic and is still popular this season, but rose gold’s unique pinkish hue will make any table setting pop.  Why not bring the essence of those beautiful pink gold Tahoe sunsets to your wedding tables?

Metallics work well with any color palette, whether neutral and blush shades or bright and bold tones.  Have a look at our great range of metallic flatware to find your perfect pieces.


2. Farm Tables

You’re going to need the perfect backdrop for that exquisite rose gold flatware.  A farm table looks classic in any style of wedding, from rustic to modern to chic.  In addition, the beautiful wood of the table tells us tales of its long history and reflects the spectacular forested backdrop of Lake Tahoe.

Farm tables create a feeling of family and togetherness, providing an intimate vibe at receptions and cocktail parties.  They also add a vintage, classic accent to your wedding decor.


3. Tidewater Tents

These impressive structures are usually made from a translucent sailcloth material, which gives them an ethereal atmosphere.  The sculpted eaves and peaks are simple yet elegant, and can be dressed up or down for whatever kind of wedding or event style you choose.

Save yourself the stress of worrying about the changeable Tahoe weather on your big day, and choose from our great range of tidewater tents to give your wedding that elegant touch.


4. Cross-Back Chairs

These rustic chairs can offer beautiful natural wood accents to your wedding, and they marry perfectly with the picturesque elements of the forested areas of Lake Tahoe.  As well as being pretty, they’re also practical as they provide a comfortable, sturdy base for your guests to relax.


5. Moscow Mule Mugs

The gorgeous burnished copper tones of these mugs tie in with the ever-popular metallic trend, and will mirror the tones of your rose gold flatware!

They’re definitely not your average wine glass or beer mug, as they break away from the traditional table setting and allow for more creativity and personalization for the bride and groom.  The happy couple could get inventive and create their own artisan cocktails for the guests.  Now that would definitely be a talking point!


6. Twinkle Lighting

These gorgeous little lights can turn any event into the image of a starry nightscape.  You can get as creative as you like with the lighting around the space, swathing or wrapping the lights to create a really festive atmosphere.  They’re perfect for all types of celebration spaces, from tents to rustic old barns, and they create a magical glow above dance floors, stages and reception areas.

That concludes our round-up of the wedding rental trends we love, and we’re sure you’ll love them too!  Camelot Party Rentals carries a great range of items and are on hand to help you host the perfect wedding.  Contact us today to discuss your wedding rental needs!

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  • I appreciate this information about wedding rental trends. It is good to know that cross-back chairs are a popular choice. It would be nice to have a natural wood look to your wedding. Something to think about would be to find the weight limit to these chairs and ensure that all invited guests will be able to sit comfortably without having to worry.

  • I would like to get some help choosing the right kind of tables for my brothers farewell. I want to have reliable tables to help make the party good. I have a lot of people coming to support him.

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