How to Choose the Right Tent for Your Outdoor Event

Spring is right around the corner. That means its time to start planning your outdoor events. From weddings, to outdoor parties, to family gatherings, the right tent can make your event memorable and fun for all of your guests.

With our selection of outdoor tents at Camelot Party Rentals, you’ll never have to say raincheck again. That’s because we offer some of the best quality tents and set-up that you can find in the Reno-Tahoe area.

Are you planning a party or wedding? Check out our best tips for choosing the right tent for your next outdoor event:

Consider Your Event Space and Location

A walk-though of the venue will help determine the total size of the tent that will fit in the venue’s space. However, other factors you’ll have to take into consideration are:

Accommodations: How many people will be attending the wedding or event?

What other rentals will be underneath the tent such as tables, chairs, dance floors, bars, etc.?
Surfaces for tent location: Is your event surface cement or grass?

On a cement surface we can weigh down the tent with cement weights or water barrels, but on a grass surface we can stake into the ground. Will your venue allow for staking into the ground? This is another important factor to consider. It’s important to know where underground piping or sewer lines are so that the stakes don’t disrupt them.
Guidelines: When doing a walk through for a tent site, be sure and measure the length of the guidelines. Guidelines angle away from the tent and measure approximately 8ft. around the tent.

Is Your Event Safe from the Outside Weather Elements?

Depending on the severity of outside weather conditions, you can determine how much or how little sidewall you want to put up, enclosing your tent. For extreme weather we recommend putting up sidewall on all four sides of your tent so that it will keep the heat or cold out of the tent.

With a 4-sided enclosure you also have the option to include a single or double door system or sliding sidewall to make in’s and out’s easily accessible. If the weather is nice, you can keep the breeze flowing through the tent by eliminating the sidewalls. Or you can put it up in an “L” shape to block out sun or wind. We have multiple styles of sidewall which include, solid, solid clear, half clear, French window, and regular window.

Choose your canopy style:  The canopy style is determined mostly on customer preference of which style of tent will best suit your wedding or event.

What type of event you are having? Is it a wedding, corporate, or backyard event? Always keep the event you are throwing in mind.

Big or small, we have tents that will fit any event size! Feel free to add your favorite tents to your wish list or contact us with questions.

2 comments on “How to Choose the Right Tent for Your Outdoor Event

  • My fiance and I are planning our wedding for this summer. I have always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, and a tent will be a great way to create the perfect atmosphere. As you said, it’s important to consider how many people will be attending the event. We’ll be sure to take all these things into account. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for the information on choosing a tent! It is our turn to host the family reunion this year, and we want to rent the right tent for our party. I like that you mentioned that you should consider the surface you will be putting the tent on. Ours will be on grass, so we will have to make sure we don’t put any of the stakes in a place they might do damage.

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