5 Wedding Rentals You Can’t Live Without

Wedding season is fast approaching, and with it come all those nitty gritty details to finalize.

If you’re getting anxious about making arrangements for your big day, don’t worry. As Northern Nevada’s leading supplier of wedding rental items, we’ve got you covered. Here are some highlights of the five wedding rentals you simply cannot do without.

1. Elegant Tables

We offer a variety of table shapes, sizes, and functions including the adorable sweetheart table. As well as guest tables, you could think about getting a cake and dessert table, a buffet table, and separate tables for gifts. On the gift table, you can display the guestbook and treasured family photos. Tables can be formed in rounds, long family style, or a mix of shapes and sizes. Talk to your event planner and design a layout best suited to your venue and needs.


2. Stylish Chairs

The obvious thing is to ensure you have the right number of chairs for your guests—you don’t want Aunt Betty to have to sit on the floor! Although there are many alternatives for seating, chairs have the benefit of providing comfort for your guests. You could think about chairs or benches for the ceremony, cocktail party, and reception. Chiavari chairs are a popular and elegant choice for weddings. We have a great range of options to suit your preferences, from the practical to the sumptuous.


3. Ambient Lighting

Surely one of the most crucial wedding rentals to consider; lighting can completely transform a venue and highlight the décor you’ve carefully chosen. Even outdoor weddings can use café lighting to create a beautiful ambiance. From colorful up-lights to antique brass or glass chandeliers, you can decide which elements of lighting will enhance your big day. We can help make that a reality for you.


4. Perfect Tents

Don’t get caught out by a storm! No one wants soggy feet on their big day. With our great range of tent styles, there’s no need to be glued to the weather forecast. Clear-topped tents create a perfectly romantic atmosphere as your guests dance under the stars. In addition, tent liners and sumptuous fabric draping inside the tent can add unique accents and create that luxurious feeling.


5. Classy Tableware

We have a treasure trove of tableware on offer, from dishes and flatware to glasses and linens. Whether your style is elegant china or rustic basics, we have a great selection of items for you to enhance your tables with and complement your wedding theme.

That completes our list of wedding rental must-haves! Head over to our event gallery to check out some of our gorgeous rental items for your wish list.

5 comments on “5 Wedding Rentals You Can’t Live Without

  • I would want to get some kind of tablecloths that are elegant and beautiful. I would want to have something that is stylish. I want to have all the same colored clothes.

  • Having proper seating arrangements for a wedding seems like an incredibly important thing for it to run smoothly. When attending weddings, there have been times when there was no place to sit. I never considered that chairs could also add to the decor by being elegant and stylish. I’ll remember that when shopping for my future wedding!

  • I had heard in the past that renting a ten for a wedding was an excellent idea. You stated that tents are great because it can protect you from an unexpected storm. Not having to worry about rain could give a lot of relief to the party host. Thanks for the great tips.

  • My sister is trying to plan her wedding, and I trying to help her. I appreciate the information how with outdoor weddings can use cafe lighting to create a beautiful ambiance. Another thing to consider is to get party lighting that is affordable and easy to set up and take down.

  • That’s a good point that tables are an important wedding rental. You’d want tables that match your decorations. I’ll have to ask my fiance what styles she thinks will with our traditional decor.

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